Plan Your Sanskrit Revolution

at a studio, teacher training program, yogafest, or conference

The core workshop introduces the fascinating linguistic foundation of yoga.  We focus on the highly organized sound system, pronunciation, spelling, and multiple meaning of words that you hear, say, read, and sing.  Our time together includes lecture, discussion, and call & response recitation of letters. You will leave with Sanskrit words rolling off your tongue!  No previous language study is required.

Combine this workshop with others to deepen your knowledge:

1)  Sanskrit focused āsana practice –  to embody the sounds

2)  Timeline of Yoga History:  from 2500 B.C.E. to the Ever-Changing Modern Moment

3)  Topics:   “How Do You Say ‘Cakra’? and More About Cakras,”  “The Sanskrit of the Bhagavadgītā,”  “The Sanskrit of the Yoga Sūtra,” “The Sanskrit of Āyurveda”

A Sanskrit Adjustment Feels and Sounds Great

Classes are tailored to any yoga style:

    1. 2-3.5 hrs. Core Workshop
    2. 2-3.5 hrs. Core Workshop + 1 hr. Sanskrit-focused āsana practice
    3. Weekly series of classes:  4 @ 90-minutes each, 3 @ 2-hrs. each , or 2 @ 3-hrs. each
    4. 2-3 hrs. Timeline of Yoga Lecture & Discussion
    5. 2-3 hrs. Topics
    6. 6-10 hrs. Weekend Immersion (Sanskrit + Sanskrit-based āsana + Timeline + Topics)
    7. 3.5 hrs. Advanced Sanskrit
    8. Devanāgarī script handwriting classes
    9. Private tutorials in-person and via skype/ichat

take a scheduled workshop or design & schedule with Marcy

qualified Yoga Alliance RYS teacher trainer and provider for RYT Continuing Education Hours

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